Thiago Scuro Provides Update on Stadium Renovation, Women’s Team, Junior Teams and Transfers

In an interview with Globo Esporte, Thiago Scuro explained some of the plans for Bragantino next year, discussing the stadium renovation, the introduction of a women’s team, the junior clubs and transfer movement.

Starting with the stadium, as of this moment tractors have already started the demolishing of the walls surrounding the Estádio Nabi Abi Chedid; this will be a part by part renovation so the games won’t be rescheduled in other places and part of the plan of Thiago Scuro’s to keep the club’s matches in Bragança Paulista.

“We have no pretense or purpose of taking away games here from Bragança. We are working to make the stadium increasingly comfortable and we are building a relationship with CBF to show our plan and how ambitious our project for the stadium is. We will establish a plan of gradual interventions. Our expectation is that, in the first quarter, we will be able to present our complete project and a schedule of executions so that each sector is revitalised and revamped. The expectation is that within two years have all the space made in another model, a pattern that will give us other possibilities of activation and business. The stadium will have a capacity of about 20,000 fans. Our decision on this number establishes what we understand to be our club size, the size of our city and the region.”

Scuro has also confirmed Bragantino will have a women’s team in 2020 to comply with the CBF ruling that all top flight clubs must have a women’s team. Some create their own, while others outsource by making deals with women teams. The club CEO has told the club will not look elsewhere but they won’t be able to keep it in Bragança Paulista until the club is ready to fit the women’s side in the city.

“We will not outsource. We are in the process of building these technical staff and then establishing the competition teams. Our plan, at first, is for the team not to play in Bragança, but to be in some surrounding city. We do not yet have the capacity to absorb this structure with us. We’re going to be a Brazilian top flight club. It is a very big jump. It’s a lot at the same time. We understand our commitment to women’s football and that is where we are heading. Our idea is to announce everything in January. The team will compete in the CBF competition calendar as RB Bragantino, but we are in the process of forming.”

As of this moment both Bragantino and Red Bull Brasil are both separated at under-20, under-17 and under-15, levels, but Scuro has said that the final time this will happen will be in the São Paulo State Junior Cup. Afterwards, both sides will merge like in the professional side but an under-23 Red Bull Brasil will play in the São Paulo State Cup’s Second Division or the A2, but it won’t be promoted to the top flight of the State A1 due to Bragantino being in its place. It is alleged that RB Brasil will play in the fourth division of Brazilian football but nothing is confirmed.

“The State Junior Cup was already an established commitment and we have to fulfil it, but our intention is to focus our energies on RB Bragantino. This base category migrates entirely to RB Bragantino next year: under-20, under-17 and under-15. Little by little, we are making this transition. Our idea is to expand the investment in the base category to reveal and recruit more and more athletes able to join our professional team.”

In the past few weeks Bragantino has sent shock waves with their intention to sign young prospects from major clubs and they have already done so with Alerrandro from Atlético Mineiro. Scuro says that for next year Bragantino will look to hire players from major clubs with the main target being young prospects and has hinted at more transfers being completed before pre-season starts on January 2.

This first signing [Alerrandro] is a young man with tremendous potential, a 19-year-old with a history of international team competition, a player who has five goals in Libertadores, 14 goals a year. Others will come until the beginning of the season. The investment will be gradual with every need we need to position the club to a higher standard than it was. There is no “let’s invest X” number. We are working on many fronts justifying every investment need and we are putting it into practice.”

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