Bruma’s agent outlines how his client came close to abduction in 2013

Picture the scene. It’s the summer of 2013, Sporting CP is under new stewardship and Bruma was attracting interest from elsewhere, including Europa League winners, Chelsea. He has just vacated his car when the then 18-year-old is approached by a group of men that have been sent on a mission by new club president, Bruno de Carvalho, in order to kidnap and force him to sign a contract extension with the club.

Hopping back into his brand new Mercedes, Bruma fled and was followed until he reached Massamá, a district in Lisbon, where his agent, Cátio Baldé, and Bebiano Gomes were based. Baldé proceeded to call the police and upon their arrival, the members of Juve Leo had left the scene.

In an interview with A Bola, Cátio Baldé explained how the situation unravelled, how a fearmongering attempt from the president forced him to hide his client in Dubai, and inevitably forcing him out of the club he rose through the youth ranks with.

“When Bruma arrived on his brand new Mercedes, as he left the car, he was approached by tanned, tattooed and bald men.”

“They said: you have to come with us because the president Bruno de Carvalho wants to talk to you.”

“He was getting chased down and a victim of an attempted kidnapping by Sporting fans.”

“When they saw the PSP arriving, they got in their cars and left but not without leaving a message to Bruma (threats that they’d get him).” 

“Because of this, while we discussed the rescinding of the contract, we decided that he had to leave Portugal in order to be safe. He was in Dubai for three weeks waiting for the decision.”

“It was clear that it was Bruno de Carvalho, who ordered Bruma’s kidnapping in order to make him sign a new contract by force. I was chased down and threatened in Campo Grande too (near Sporting’s stadium).”

“After Bruno de Carvalho rejected the rescinding of the contract, I had a reunion with him and we agreed a deal for his transfer to Galatasaray in Turkey. In those reunions, alone with Bruno de Carvalho,  he admitted that the fans just wanted to scare and talk to Bruma.”

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