Florian Scholz confesses to drink-driving offence

RB Leipzig’s head of marketing and communications, Florian Scholz, has confessed to police officials that he was at fault when, accompanied by Yussuf Poulsen’s agent, he crashed a company car into a tree in the early hours of the morning following Leipzig’s 2-0 triumph over Celtic.

According to the information sourced from Tag24 and Mitteldeutsche Zeitung, in the presence of his lawyer, Ricardo Schulz, Scholz admitted to causing the incident that saw him knock down two trees on the side of the road while under the influence of alcohol and has since handed over his driving license and is now awaiting further legal repercussions.

Ricardo Scholz: “The defendant, in the presence of his defense, admitted to the police during the course of his interrogation that he had been the driver of the car at the scene of the accident, at the time of the accident.” [Tag24]

Due to the unauthorised withdrawal from the scene – in which he vacated the damaged vehicle on the side of the road and was later caught due to DNA traces on the airbag – and the endangerment of others road users, the public prosecutor’s office determines that the 39-year-old will face a fine and a further revocation of his license.

Scholz does not want to publically comment on the matter.

[Photo: Imago]

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