Brendan Rodgers praises Ralf Rangnick and RB Leipzig ahead of Europa League meeting

Celtic manager, Brendan Rodgers, has praised the work of Ralf Rangnick and RB Leipzig’s emergence through the ranks ahead of their meeting in the Europa League on Thursday evening.

Rodgers spoke of how Leipzig’s interim head coach once gave him a phone call while he was at Liverpool to tell him about the project he had on his hands and invited him to East Germany, but, as the Northern Irishman said, the visit never materialised.

Celtic will be hoping to make amends for giving up a winning position against Red Bull Salzburg in Austria by inflicting defeat number two in the competition onto their opponents, who are currently placed second, behind their sister-club, after a comfortable 3-1 win in Trondheim.

“I’ve never met Ralf, but I spoke to him on the phone when I was at Liverpool when they were in the second division in Ger­many and looking to come through.”

“He told me all about the project they were working on. He invited me out there but, unfortunately, I wasn’t able to do that at that time. He’s a good guy and someone who has devoted his life to football.”

“Ralf’s done a great job and has made them very competitive. He has been there for a long time so the ethos of how they work was all set up by him. He clearly has a love of the club and how he wants them to ­develop. And he still has the energy to manage and be on the training field every day.”

Rodgers also voiced his opinion on Red Bull’s influence in football and how it could be a sign of things to come for the sport.

“It’s time, isn’t it? They’re developing players. They’ve invested into the infrastructure. I don’t think there is any doubt both Red Bull teams see themselves as Champions League clubs; the structure of the club, everything about them, is built around being in there. It will be a tough examination.”

He then went on to praise Leipzig’s style of play.

“The Leipzig style has evolved. Coming through, Leipzig were a team very happy not to have the ball and play on the counter, flooding forward.”

“They played in a 4-4-2 system with two wingers right in and were very strong and fast on the counter-attack. They moved away from that for a little while, but, looking at some of their recent games, they’re trying to get back to that type of football.”

Source: Evening Times

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