ÖFB-Cup opponents struggle to find match date solution

Red Bull Salzburg’s ÖFB-Cup opponents Schwaz are struggling to find a suitable date for their second-round encounter due to another sporting event taking place.

Between September 23 and 30, the UCI Road World Championship is being held in the cities of Innsbruck and Tyrol, and on the 26th the individual time trial will take place, with the course leading through Schwaz and past the Silberstadt Arena, which means access to the stadium will be closed until late afternoon, at least.

According to the Kurier, Josef Geisler, the president of the Tyrolese Football Association,  has been searching for a solution for days, but multiple options are unavailable. A move to Tuesday would not be possible as Salzburg face Rapid Vienna two days prior.

Both clubs, the ÖFB and Sky Austria would need to come to an agreement for it to be postponed to Thursday. Then Wolfsberg come into the picture as they would need to give the go-ahead for their match with Red Bull Salzburg to be pushed back one-day, however, on that Sunday the Lavanttal Arena will be blocked by an athletics event.

[Photo: GEPA pictures/Florian Ertl]

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