Tyler Adams

Name: Tyler Adams

D.O.B: February 14, 1999

Nationality: United States

Club: New York Red Bulls

Position: central midfield | defensive midfield | right wing-back

Height: 5 foot 9 inches | 175.26cm

Strengths: ground coverage | consistency | pace | balance | vision | interception | versatility | passing | tackling

Weaknesses: ball control

Play Style

Tyler Adams can do everything. Standing at five feet nine inches, Adam’s possesses a low center of gravity which allows him to exhibit impressive balance and cover ground across the whole pitch. Adams is known for his ability to disrupt the flow of play, winning back balls and and putting in key tackles. Adams is also an incredibly versatile player, being placed throughout the center of the midfield as well as as a wing-back on the right side of the pitch last season. His pace, intelligence, and vision allows him to be successful wherever he is situated on the field. Adams takes pride in doing the ‘dirty work’ for other plays on the team – putting in important tackles, doing important work off the ball, and allowing New York Red Bulls play their signature high-pressing. Adams is a significant threat who can put in crucial passes and shuttle the ball around the field. Off the ball, Adams is known for making smart runs, and helping in the attack and the defense. Adams also is not afraid to take shots on goal, having registered a couple of goals and assists in his MLS career already.



USL Cup: 2015

CONCACAF Under-20 Championship: 2017

[Photo: New York Red Bulls]

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