Welcome to Red Bull Hub

Most notorious for the production of their market leading energy drinks, Red Bull have earned themselves a high prestige in the sporting industry, sponsoring an array of events that have ranged from soapbox racing to cliff diving and have even sent a man to earth’s periphery.

But in the past decade, they’ve been making strides in the footballing world, owning five operations in three different continents. In this project, we’ll be aiming to provide high quality and consistent coverage on five clubs in the Red Bull spectrum (Red Bull Salzburg, RB Leipzig, Liefering, New York Red Bulls and New York Red Bulls). Due to their status in Série D and the limited information at our availability, Red Bull Brasil are the unfortunate omittance. Alongside the analysis, profiles, videos, previews and match reports, we’ll be keeping you up-to-date with everything Red Bull related on our twitter account @RedBullHub.

All feedback is greatly appreciated and taken into serious consideration, as it will allow us to keep improving and enhance the quality of our content.


All images, quotes and footage are used with good intentions, and unless specified, we DO NOT declare ownership. If you are unhappy with the use of the aforementioned, please feel free to send us an email us at RedBullHub@Gmail.com and we’ll aim to resolve the issue promptly.


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